Friday Goodness
January 4, 2008, 5:31 pm
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Yay, don’t you just love Fridays? Especially when I was only back in to work on Wednesday and it’s the weekend already. Sweeeet.

Went shopping in Dundrum earlier. It was busy but not half as busy as last week thank jeebus. Got my self some uggalike slippers in Penneys (soooo comfy, I don’t care if they’ll only last me a week), a very pretty wine school jumper thingy in Oasis (nicer than it sounds), black jeans and a couple of casual tops in good old a-wear. And contact lenses but they aren’t very exciting are they.

On another note, that yummy drummy thing really isn’t going away is it. The amount of young wans I saw trotting around the place in their Uggs and big hair, but at least the ridiculous man pants have been replaced by jeans thank God. I’ve finally been put off buying real Uggs also as I don’t think I could ever wear them out In Real Life. Especially as I look twelve (no seriously), I might actually be mistaken for one of them. It’s the same reason why, even if I had the money, until I’m in my 30’s I would never buy a mini cooper, for fear I’d look like a Mount Anville girl. Nothing wrong with Mount Anville ladies, I just don’t particularly fancy looking like a 17 year old girl. I swear, the car park across from M.A. is like a mini cooper dealer on any given week day. Lucky things.

*looks down at uggalike slippers*


Crazy Britney
January 4, 2008, 11:00 am
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Crzy Britney

Oh Lord – Britney rushed to hospital after 3 hour standoff with cops

Seriously… that’s pretty crazy. There are kids involved for jeebus’ sake. I was just discussing Britney with a friend last night who says she much prefers her now that she’s gone loolaa as ‘it gives her a personality’ rather than the ‘virginal – look but don’t touch’ thing she used to have going on. I agreed to an extent but not if it gets to the stage if she’s off her face minding the babies. I mean, everyone likes a bit of crazy now and then and she’s no Amy Winehouse (or is she…) but leave the children out of it please.

And does anyone else feel that daddy K-fed only wants them for the child support?

*cynical, very cynical*