Crazy Britney
January 4, 2008, 11:00 am
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Crzy Britney

Oh Lord – Britney rushed to hospital after 3 hour standoff with cops

Seriously… that’s pretty crazy. There are kids involved for jeebus’ sake. I was just discussing Britney with a friend last night who says she much prefers her now that she’s gone loolaa as ‘it gives her a personality’ rather than the ‘virginal – look but don’t touch’ thing she used to have going on. I agreed to an extent but not if it gets to the stage if she’s off her face minding the babies. I mean, everyone likes a bit of crazy now and then and she’s no Amy Winehouse (or is she…) but leave the children out of it please.

And does anyone else feel that daddy K-fed only wants them for the child support?

*cynical, very cynical*

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