Monday again? Seriously?
February 4, 2008, 12:43 pm
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Where do the weekends go? *cries*

I spent most of this weekend watching telly and getting fat…. fun!

Had drinks and movies with the girls on Friday night and watched more Summer Heights High. What a great programme.

On Saturday night, I was dragged to TGI Fridays for a friend’s birthday and drank about 5 fishbowls of Long Island Iced Tea. Didn’t think there was any alcohol in them, hence the fishbowl sized glasses. Turns out I was very, very, very wrong  as I became very, very, verrrry dhrunk and stumbled the whole  way down to D2’s. Speaking of D2’s – I love the beer garden there, but what’s it going to be like when the patio heaters are banned?!

Last night I watched Consiparacy Theory with the fella. I forced myself to stay awake until the end, to find out what the big theory was but woke up just as the credits started to roll. Woke the fella up to tell me what happened (he’d seen it before)  and turns out I didn’t miss much.

The film did get me googling about other conspiracy theories however…

the origins of AID’s…

9/11 theories…

Paul McCartney is actually dead…

The white lines left in the sky by planes are actually ‘chemtrails’, pumped out by the government to change your DNA…

Make your own conspiracy theory!

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