My new crush
February 20, 2008, 2:29 pm
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Jeff Fahey Frank Lost


Yes, It looks like I fancy Santa Claus, but he’s  MUCH better looking in Lost. It’s the eyes I tells ya.

I’ve been looking back at pictures of him when he was younger, and it’s not so good. But now, yes please!

And for anyone interested, here’s some more sneaky peeks at next week’s LOST …

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I was just about to ask is that the guy from lost.. but then i read it! the eyes are good… but such a beard!

Comment by raptureponies

hah, yesh the beard is a bit much. its the weirdest crush i’ve had in aaages

Comment by anneelicious

ok, you watch lost, you seem to know what’s going on… i’m so lost.. (har har) no seriously! i have no idea what’s going on!

Comment by raptureponies

it has gone a bit mental. or more mental than usual even. I think it’s something to do with time travel and the island being hidden from the rest of the world and noone’s supposed to know about it. it’s frikking mental and i wish i didn’t love it but i do. *obsessed*

Comment by Annie

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