Trivial Picture of the Day
March 25, 2008, 5:31 pm
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girls and cats

Trivial Video of the Day
March 25, 2008, 4:18 pm
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I love how most comments in YouTube videos turn into virtual scraps – with this video it’s over the supposed death of the puppy. My guess is that the owners of the animals wouldn’t put the video up on YouTube with the tagline: ‘real cute :]’ if the puppy had snuffed it. That’s presuming the video uploader is the pet owner of course.

All in a name
March 25, 2008, 10:35 am
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My name sucks.

As if after-bank-holiday-Tuesday’s aren’t depressing enough – I woke up this morning to a report on GMTV about celebrity names and names in general. Psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman conducted a survey of over 6000 people to determine their perception of certain names with the following results:

People called James and Elizabeth are seen as the most successful
Jack and Lucy the luckiest and Sophie and Ryan the most attractive
Lisa and Brian are the most likely to fail
Helen and John are the unluckiest
Ann and George are the least attractive

Now, I spell my name with an ‘e’ , i.e. Anne and it’s only work people that call me that anyways – friends and family call me Annie. Am I really that unattractive? Don’t answer that please, heh.

According to this site, the name Anne has been declining in popularity since 1959 (in the US). Maybe it’ll become so uncool, it’ll be cool again?? I can only dream….

Famous Anne’s:
Anne Doyle
Anne Cassin
Anne HathawayAnne Heche
Little Orphan Annie
Anne Frank
Anne Boleyn
Anne Bonny (kick ass pirate)