April 8, 2008, 1:34 pm
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Just back from a lovely long weekend in the Netherlands. Stayed two nights in Groningen up North and then went down to Amsterdam on Sunday night. Sure the craic was only mighty.


What a great country. The Dutch are so friendly and laid back. And their food is AMAZING, I’m now completely addicted krokets (pic above) but you can’t get them here 😦   Also had profertjes* (teeny tiny pancakes) and frites met mayo (chips with yummy mayonaise). I’d probably be about 10 stone heavier after the weekend only for the fact we cycled everywhere round Groningen. Drunken cycling at 5 in the morning = fun!

*EDIT: I’ve been spelling ‘poffertjes’ completely wrong. Sowwi!

Everything in Groningen was reeeally cheap (happy days) but Amsterdam, typically, was a lot dearer. I wouldn’t have spent much money at all had we stayed the full three days in Groningen. Still it was nice to visit Amsterdam and go see all the touristy things like Anne Frank’s Huis, The House de Bols (drink museum – verrrry cool) and, of course, the Red Light district (but don’t tell the mammy). Even got a few winks from the window ladies (again, don’t tell the mammy).