Band of Brothers
April 14, 2008, 12:28 pm
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band of brothers

I finally bought the boxset of Band of Brothers yesterday. I don’t know what took me so long having watched the series on tv and completely falling in love with it.

Everytime I see it, I’m amazed at the production values, especially for a tv series. The muted colours, the crisp dialogue, the excellent casting and acting – everything adds to this amazing programme, made even more brilliant and incomprehensable by the fact that it’s based on truth. I still gasp each time a soldier dies. 

I’ve also just finished re-reading Anne Frank’s diary after visiting the ‘Secret Annexe’ in Holland and staying in the WW2 theme, next on the list is The Book Thief. After that it’s probably time to read/watch something I haven’t already devoured seeing as there’s nearly a gazillion books and films on my list to get that I will never ever catch up on.  But it’s fun trying.

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OMGs. I have watched Band of Brothers five million times, it is utterly brilliant. It’s even worth getting just for the extras on the DVD, the bootcamp etc.

I’m slightly obsessed with WW2 myself, watching and reading a lot about censorship and propaganda from that era lately. It’s fascinating. If you have any interest at all, go to the Imperial War Museum in London – I was shown around by an amazing man who lived in London during the Blitz when he was a teenager then joined the army for the last two years of the war. He had some very sad stories, and talked a lot about how it defined the rest of his life. We have it so easy really.

Comment by becs

I would absolutely love to visit there, should be taking a trip over there soon enough so thanks for the heads up!

I went to the War Tunnels in Jersey last year which was pretty amazing as well. It showed a another side of the war as they were pretty much abandoned by Britain. Lots of the islanders turned on each other as well.

It’s such a fascinating part of history.

Comment by anneelicious

Oooh I was reading about Jersey the other day actually, in a book about British civilians during the war. I seem to remember a drama series from a few years ago that was based around that period over there. Must look it up. Must go to Jersey actually, seems like an interesting place!

Comment by becs

Band of Brothers is the best War series i have ever seen ever. I actually have bought the boxset TWICE and if it’s on the telly i’l throw the eyes on it again. Story is just addictive viewing for such a bad part of history.

Comment by Ben

Ben, you are a true fan indeed 🙂

Comment by anneelicious

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