April 18, 2008, 8:00 am
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Yesterday whilst dining in the canteen in work, somebody sent me a video through Bluetooth. This random person came up on my phone as Brian Ormond but surprisingly enough (not), when I looked around there was no Brian Ormond in sight. Despite this, I pressed accept on my phone just for the craic. The video was called ‘exercise!’ so I thought someone might be trying to motivate me and pushed my chicken and roast spuds across the table and pressed play.

Could whoever sent me that video could please send me the ‘exercise’ machine too please? I’ll be dropping the pounds no bother.

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That sounds interesting. Hmmmm. Random videos eh. Madness.

Comment by Darragh

interesting indeed. lets just say it didn’t really involve exercise as such…

More like a machine and a certain part of the female anatomy.


Comment by anneelicious

Really? Seriously? Someone sent you that?


And would you not prefer to exercise with someone, you know, for that added benefit of motivation, team play and support? (Or am I really not getting this) ;))

You know, it may not be the place to discuss it but I’ve never really “got” porn on mobile phones. You Tube yes, funny videos yes (within reason) but porn? Why would you want to get yourself off to something on a small screen when you could get it on a 15 inch monitor cheaper and quicker at home*

(*Or so someone told me once. I heard you could.)

Comment by Darragh

Hah! True, I understand your porn comment. I think it might be a bravado thing though (or maybe I’m wrong). Manys the time on a drunken night out, the lads have whipped out their phones to ‘show off’ their new dirty videos, presumably hoping to shock and/or impress the girls and/or each other.

It got a good giggle out of my friends anyways!

Comment by anneelicious

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