April 23, 2008, 3:00 pm
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I’ve never been tagged in my life before, and now it’s happened to me twice in one week by Delectable Darragh and Lovely Lynnie (yes I am a giant cheesebag of alliteration). You people are so good to me ❤

So apparently I have to describe myself in 6 words…

Darragh did it all in one sentence and Lynnie listed her words individually. I think I’ll go with the list – brain can’t sentence put together.

So to describe moi IMHO:
– indecisive
– sleepy
– humorous
– affectionate
– savage (in food terms, I like to eat!)
– smiley

Now to list people who might ever have visited this blog on occasion (there aren’t many!)

Orpees of RapturePonies
Becs of Unbearably Light
Anthony of Anthony McG
Pedro of Monscooch
B’dum B’dum of Positive Boredom
Rick of Rick ‘God’ O’Shea 😀

EDIT – Post Title changed because of it’s supreme crapiness… new one slightly less crappy heh

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Good list, thanks for the tag. Mine is here:

Comment by Anthony

Ah shite sorry Anthony!

Comment by anneelicious

Good list! If we ever meet, we’ll need some kind of itinerary already mapped out so there’ll be no decisions to make. Imagine the two of us trying to ins Kino gehen:
“So, what film do you want to see?”
“I dunno, what do you want to see?”
“I dunno, don’t really mind”
“Me either”
“Ah no, you pick one”
etc etc 😉

Comment by Lynnie

Hahaha, I can just imagine it! That’s probably why I’m surrounded by by slightly bossy (but lovely!) friends!

Comment by anneelicious

Now if I was to pick out 6 words that I’d look for in a friend, at the very least 5 of those would be on it. Nice one on the response, thanks 🙂

Comment by Darragh

thanks for mentioning me!

i’ve to do something now?

Comment by B'dum B'dum

Finally got my ass in gear and answered the call!

These tagmeme thingys are quite fun. Thanks!

Comment by becs

I forgot to inform the tagger so here you are:

It’s only a week late.

Comment by Pedro Monscooch


Comment by B'dum B'dum

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