Foul Play! and other dustin related puns…
May 21, 2008, 10:14 am
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dustin the turkey

Ah poor ould Dustin, Europe didn’t get it did they…

I always thought he’d either win it by a mile or not at all and unfortunately the pessimistic side won out. Looks like people are still taking the Eurovision ‘song’ contest seriously despite the nonsense that’s been on it for years.

Why can’t we bring back the good ould days when I was in primary school and thought Ireland would win it forever? *sob*

My personal fave:

Back to Dustin – RTÉ’s Gareth O’Callaghan has a really interesting blog here following our beloved Turkey’s trip to Belgrade and his sad demise.


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I reckon it’s a blessing we didn’t win. Seriously. Dustin can’t be a guide to what Ireland is, can he?

I still have Faith of our Feathers on tape. Love it.

Comment by Darragh

I do understand what you mean, but the child in me reeeally wanted him to win.

But in all honesty, apart from the block voting, I think the reason we haven’t won in years, is simply because we haven’t sent a decent song in years. I know I was only a babby at the time, but I actually really liked our winning entries (and still do to be honest). They were cheesy peas but actually well written songs.

Heartfelt ballads with a key change is what we need.

Comment by Annie

In all fairness, when you seen it in the middle of the eurovision, did it not look like a hugely spiteful entry?

Comment by B'dum B'dum

Not really to be honest but that’s probably because I’m bitter.

Comment by Annie

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