My salsa brings all the boys to the yard
May 22, 2008, 4:31 pm
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Well not really, seeing as in a class of roughly 40, there is one boy and even then, he can’t really be called a boy seeing as he is on the higher end of 50.


Had my fourth salsa lesson last night and I am getting much much better. We’re only learning basic ‘shines’ at the moment and it’s kind of more about keeping fit than learning how to dance the salsa professionally but so far, we’ve all improved massively since the first class. I never thought I’d be able to coordinate my feet and actually learn steps but that’s probably because any other time I do dance, I’m usually full of gin and am lucky that I make it to the dance floor at all.



Foul Play! and other dustin related puns…
May 21, 2008, 10:14 am
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dustin the turkey

Ah poor ould Dustin, Europe didn’t get it did they…

I always thought he’d either win it by a mile or not at all and unfortunately the pessimistic side won out. Looks like people are still taking the Eurovision ‘song’ contest seriously despite the nonsense that’s been on it for years.

Why can’t we bring back the good ould days when I was in primary school and thought Ireland would win it forever? *sob*

My personal fave:

Back to Dustin – RTÉ’s Gareth O’Callaghan has a really interesting blog here following our beloved Turkey’s trip to Belgrade and his sad demise.


May 19, 2008, 8:54 am
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I’m only awake two hours and I’ve already heard about this video 6 times:

Things I found on the interweb today:
May 14, 2008, 3:01 pm
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Rihanna sings with Maroon Five in pure pop heaven (hell?)

Dustin de Turkey Unplugged

Also on WeTV, Liam interviews the man I will marry someday – Dermot O’Leary. *cough*stalker*cough*

Hand solo!

McLovin has a coke habit, and you should pay for it:
“Piracy PSA” with Christopher Mintz-Plasse on

And finally:
Kitty Wars! (I’m a leeeetle obsessed with cute kittens on this blog…)

Ironic or wha?
May 9, 2008, 9:48 am
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Grand Theft Auto IV

Some poor young fella has had his jaw broken and his brand new copy of Grand Theft Auto IV teefed.

I do think the criticism over this game is ridiculous though. If you can’t separate reality from a fecking video game, then that’s your problem and not the game makers. It has an age rating for a reason, people.

LiLo – Bossy
May 8, 2008, 11:38 am
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She’s no Scarlett!

May 7, 2008, 4:35 pm
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This poor guy has had the hiccups for 15 months now – I can’t even bear them for 10 minutes!

I have a cure that always works for me, and it’s worked for 99% of the people I’ve tried it on (the other 1% were too drunk to try it properly I reckon).

1. Fill a glass with water or a beverage of your choice (preferably not beer though, it’ll likely only make it worse).
2. Put a straw in the drink or get another kind being (preferably more sober than you) to hold the glass for you.
3. Put your fingers in your ears – as far in as you can without causing damage obviously – careful now.
4. Drink as much of the water/beverage of choice as you can whilst blocking your ears – either through the straw or the other person ‘feeding’ it to you.

It works for me anyways – something to do with the air pressure and tubes connecting yadda yadda yadda.