that’s one way to do it!
June 16, 2008, 7:20 pm
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Lazy weekend
June 16, 2008, 12:27 pm
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Ah Monday, why can’t you realise it’s the summer (apparently) and disappear off to the Canaries for a few weeks? Why must you ruin my Sundays with your impending doom?

I am shattered already. And I really don’t know how. I spent most of Saturday glued to the couch under a fluffy duvet watching the repeat of Shipwrecked and not having a notion of what I was watching. Later that evening, I swapped couches to my friends abode to watch some random Vegas ‘movie’ and again not have a notion of what I was watching. Anyone heard of Vegas Baby? My God, has to be the worst movie – EVAR.  Or at least on the shortlist.

On Sunday, I was feeling slightly more adventurous and had very good intentions of visiting both the Street Performers World Championships and the Taste of Dublin in the Iveagh Gardens. Unfortunately, the hunger got to me and I only made it as far as Wagamamas before devouring a plate of Chicken Chili Men and topping it off with a whiskey sour in the Porterhouse. Unusually for me, I managed to catch the last bus home where the sweetest thing happened, of which I will blog about later when I have access to the camera.

All in all, I was pure lazy and now I’m whacked as a result. Pass me the red bull cola please.