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June 17, 2008, 11:54 am
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I’ve sent four texts since 10pm last night and so far nobody has replied. I feel very unloved. So much so, that I just texted myself to see if my phone was broken. But no – much to my dismay, my phone shrilled out it’s annoying/wonderful (depending on your viewpoint) Catchphrase message tone and confirmed that I am simply just unloved.

And most likely a very sadcase.

Text me back Goddammit!

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Hah! people must just love you on the bus – class 🙂

And I’m still waiting on replies … sigh…..

Comment by anneelicious

haha I have that Catchphrase tone, it doesn’t sound nearly as often as I’d like either. Boo hoo 😦
If Mr Chips had a phone he’d text you back.

Comment by Cynical Scribble

poor you, I just discovered this blog and if I could text you that I liked it I would. Instead I’ll have to make this comment. have you seen the clip of the catchphrase where it looks like he’s wanking?

Comment by Tom

Hahah yes, I was just talking about it today – it’s genius isn’t it!

Thanks for the comments guys, I feel better now (so easily pleased) 😀

Comment by anneelicious

I’d have texted you!

I have no message tone. Just ringing sounds, when the phone eh.. rings.

Comment by raptureponies

My 4 year old phone decided to die today 😦 It was charging itself without a charger last night and has now died. I feel quite sad now. I liked that phone.

Still, I has another so I’m not stuck.

Not answering texts is unforgivable. Emails are one thing but texts! However I never ever answer those “I’m sending this to you” {and 20 others) spam forwards. I only answer ones directed at me…

Comment by Darragh

That mickey mouse icon is the business Darragh!

Orpees, I’ve swapped to your style of no message tone for the next few days. work is mental and I keep getting funny looks when I (finally) get texts.

Comment by Annie

My message tone is a satisfying bleep. But annoyingly someone beside me at work has the exact same one and tends to get lots of messages…Constant excitement followed by disappointment. Sigh.

Comment by becs

Oh i know that beep thing.
Although I do enjoy the lack of a tone, if people want you badly enough they’ll always give you a shout.

Comment by raptureponies

Are you hiding from the internet?

Comment by raptureponies

* repeats Raptureponies question with a little sad emoticon 😦 *

Comment by Darragh

I wish I could text you and ask you to come back. Please? It’s been a month now.

Comment by Pedro Monscooch


Comment by MJ

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