Damn you ABBA…
July 21, 2008, 4:03 pm
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…. you’ve taken over my brain again. Ever since seeing Mamma Mia! (da movie) I can. not. get. them. out. of. my. head. It’s made me very unpopular with my non-Swede-loving friends. I even contemplated asking the DJ in Andrews Lane Theatre on Saturday to play an oul tune, if only I could’ve reached the bloody box.

My mammy raised me on ABBA. So much so that when I was homesick at the Gaeltacht when I was only a nipper, she sent me down an ABBA tape to cheer me up. NERD.

In tribute to their taking over my life again, I’d like to play a few of my old favourites:

Name of the game:

Does your mother know:


Chiquitita <3333

The winner takes it all (makes me bawl like a baby – especially Meryl’s version, whatta ledge.)

Aaaaannd OF COURSE:

Special mentions go to Waterloo, Slipping through my fingers, Fernando, Mamma Mia, Take a Chance, I have a dream, I do I do I do I do I dooooooooooo. Love ’em all really.

EDIT: Just found this really nice cover of Angel Eyes by the Czars that I had to stick in. Gorgeous.

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Have to admit that I like a bit of the ould Abba meself. The Winner Takes It All is one of my favourites, and of course, singing the wrong words to Dancing Queen in the pub (Dancing Queen, fails to eat a tangerine…) is always game for a laugh.

I think Mamma Mia is going to have to be the one chick flick I decide to see this year. You reckon it’s worth it then, yeah?

Comment by Darragh

Ah yeah totally! But that#s only if you’re open minded about seeing pure unadulterated fluff of course 😀

Comment by anneelicious

All depends you know on who you’re seeing the fluff with! Two better than one and all that 😛

Comment by Darragh

Is old James Bond a good singer?

Comment by B'dum

Pretty terrible but bearable hehe

Comment by anneelicious

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