July 28, 2008, 7:19 pm
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Original is here.

Now you see Albert Einstein…..

Walk 15 feet away from the computer (or squint very very hard) and you’ll see someone else altogether…


(I’m easily impressed.)

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Slighly freaked out by faces appearing out of nowhere!?

Nice find.

Comment by David

Nope, not getting it. Never was any good at those magic eye things.

At a guess – Marilyn?

Comment by Darragh

Spooky! I love these… Put more up!

Comment by MJ

You’re right Darragh!

I’m no good at magic eye things either. I literally can’t do them because I had a squint when I was a nipper [I used to be a patch kid 😦 ]My brain doesn’t take in as much info from my left eye as my right hence 3D things never work on me.

It’s a good excuse for being crap at pool though 😀

Comment by Annie

Ooh very weird. Now you never need to wonder what Marilyn looked like with a moustache.

Comment by lizlyons


Comment by tina

I was an eye patch kid for a while too! 😀

Comment by raptureponies

[…] Neato. […]

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