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August 20, 2008, 7:42 pm
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I am listening out my bedroom window to Jack Black singing ‘f*ck her gently’ – my favourite Tenacious D song evar. They’re in Marlay Park ya see, which I live right beside ya see. *smirks unattractively*

But, it’s not all fun and games.

The traffic tonight was freaking mental. MENTAL. We had to leave the car in NuttyNutgove and walk up the estate. My friend has just texted me telling me she’s been in her car for the last 90 minutes on what should be a 25 minute journey.

So a last minute word of friendly advice to anyone going to The Killers tomorrow – leave town or wherever you are travelling from at least one hour before you had originally planned to. Seriously, the roads are jam packed with cars and buses (that you can’t get round). And if you see a really freaked out looking girl in a learner’s car please wave hello – I’m taking my first driving lesson in ages tomorrow night. Wonderful timing.

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It’s mental alright. I’d go so far as to leave town at 5.30 if I was going to another gig there.

Comment by Anthony

oh shit good luck! rotten timing. i hope you’re meeting your instructor somewhere far from home 😉

Comment by MJ

Mmhmm took us an hour and a half to drive from town for Lenny Kravitz the other night.

More advice for Killers fans…wear wellies. The place was a mudbath after Lenny and that was before Metallica last night!

Good luck with the driving missus!

Comment by becs

@ Anthony – not a bad idea at all at all!

@ MJ – I completely forgot when I booked it and he’s picking me up at my door! I’ll be driving at a snails pace trying not to kill any Killers fans hehe.

@ Becs – You’re back! Yayness! Good advice on the wellies. I’m going to Lovebox on Saturday and I’m borrowing my mammy’s lovely pink polda dot ones. Style or wha!

Cheers muchly for the good luck wishes – I will need it 😀

Comment by anneelicious

Did you ever see the Tenacious D show? A series of 15 minute episodes by the writers of Mr Show(David Cross and Bob Odenkirk)

Comment by B'dum

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