Random acts of kindness
September 30, 2008, 2:27 pm
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I decided to tidy my room the other day (it doesn’t happen often).  Then whilst tidying it, I decided to go all out and completely rearrange the furniture. My bed now rests against the window so that when I look up I can gaze out at the night sky which is so very rosemantic.

Whilst I was moving the furniture, I came across an old bus ticket which I immediately proceeded to throw into the bin. Fortunately, I was struck by the memory of something I meant to post about a long time ago….

A few months back, myself and the boyfriend (let’s call him J for the purposes of this post) were out in town having dinner followed by a few drinks in the Porterhouse. I was a bit tired and cranky and not giving him the easiest time of it. We waited at the bus stop in the rain and chit-chatted to an elderly man about the miserable weather and lack of summer and all the usual things you chat to strangers about. J had moved aside to let him sit down out of said rain, only a minor gesture, but he seemed to really appreciate it.  A bus pulled up and it turned out he was getting on it too. We went the the front of the bus upstairs and the man sat a few seats behind.

Me and J started chatting about our day and, fueled by a few drinks, got into a minor debate about some trivial matter that is long gone from my memory. Me, being me, got into a huff and moved to the seat beside us so I could sulk properly.  I got a great sulk going for a good two minutes before looking back at my other half and feeling like an evil cow. I had just moved back in beside him when the elderly man from earlier came up to me and said ‘you dropped this’. I thanked him before I even looked at what it was – a bus ticket. Feeling puzzled, as I used a bus pass to get on, I was about to throw the ticket in my bag and forget about it when something stopped me. I turned the ticket over and on the back was written – ‘Don’t be mad at him, he’s a good man and loves you’.

We were stunned into silence and genuinely touched by this man’s intervention. It’s not something I would normally recommend as many people would probably be annoyed by strangers or even friends commenting on their relationships. But I think in this case, it was the surprise that someone who had only seen us together for 20 minutes could make such a nice judgement of us.

But maybe I’m just a sentimental old fool 🙂

Off the market
September 29, 2008, 12:33 pm
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I know a lot of boys and girls who will be very disappointed by this.

“Bono the King of Ireland”
September 29, 2008, 10:05 am
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Sarah Palin (AKA Tina Fey) sits down with Katy Couric (AKA Amy Poehler) via Perez Hilton.

Bwhahahahahah. Ha.

Retro TV
September 27, 2008, 8:50 am
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It’s finally happening – one of the greatest programmes to grace our screens (in my humblest of opinions) is returning. Yes children, they’re remaking….
The Krypton Factor!!!

Ok, yes I’ll admit I am very easily pleased but to me, that is seriously cool.

Hopefully it won’t be as dodgy as the return of Gladiators which was just a big fat load of disappointment.

Some classic Krypton Factor:

September 26, 2008, 3:57 pm
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When I said this blog was as deep as a puddle, I wasn’t kidding.

And so, with great glee, I give you the new offering from Miss Britney Spears:


No one belongs here more than you
September 26, 2008, 3:29 pm
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I’ve never wanted to read a book more simply based on the author’s delightful website.

Aaand it comes in pink, yellow, orange or green.  Who says you can’t judge a book by it’s cover (or website)? I’m sold!

Porn is good for you?
September 25, 2008, 10:19 am
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Apparently so. And the same goes for beer, caffeine, smoking, ice cream and more.


It reminds me of a lighter that I used to have that said:

“I read that smoking was bad for you

So I gave up reading.”

September 25, 2008, 9:12 am
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Untitled because I know the loverly Mr Doyle will think of a better one and I can’t compete.

Anyhoo, I met some fellow bloggers last night. I was stupidly nervous but I needn’t have been. I honestly haven’t met such a varied bunch of creative, friendly, funny and talented individuals in a long time which just goes to show – the internetz is a wonderful invention.

I also realised I drink faaaar too much when I’m stupidly nervous so I apologise if I didn’t make sense 90% of the time. My head is paying for it today, trust me.

This was the best part of the night:



Best. badge. EVAR.

The worst part of the night was not meeting RapturePonies, boo urns. Get well soon missy!

EDIT: I wrote this post too early – now that I’m awake I just want to thank Rick for being a ledge and inviting me there in the first place. THANK YOU 🙂

September 24, 2008, 10:21 am
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Is it just me or do the shots above look like promotional stills from The Dark Knight?

They’re actually photos of the new* Joker action figure – creepily realistic methinks.

More pics anseo.


*I say new but it’s out a few weeks I think.

Oh sweet Jeebus…
September 23, 2008, 3:51 pm
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Pray for me. Think positive thoughts for me. Cross your fingers, toes, eyes and any other crossable limbs for me.

I’m driving home from work today. In traffic. Proper scary people-trying-to-get-home-after-a-long-day-in- work-traffic.