September 25, 2008, 9:12 am
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Untitled because I know the loverly Mr Doyle will think of a better one and I can’t compete.

Anyhoo, I met some fellow bloggers last night. I was stupidly nervous but I needn’t have been. I honestly haven’t met such a varied bunch of creative, friendly, funny and talented individuals in a long time which just goes to show – the internetz is a wonderful invention.

I also realised I drink faaaar too much when I’m stupidly nervous so I apologise if I didn’t make sense 90% of the time. My head is paying for it today, trust me.

This was the best part of the night:



Best. badge. EVAR.

The worst part of the night was not meeting RapturePonies, boo urns. Get well soon missy!

EDIT: I wrote this post too early – now that I’m awake I just want to thank Rick for being a ledge and inviting me there in the first place. THANK YOU 🙂

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Charming to meet you last night. xxxx

Comment by Ailbhe

You too Ailbhe! You truly are as delightful and vivacious in real life as you are on your blog. And Katie too, just gawgeous 😀

Comment by anneelicious

It was lovely to meet you missus 🙂

Really great night, with a mixed bag of wonderful people.Fo Shizzle! Pity it was a weekday…methinks if people didn’t have work today there would have been more booze drank and stories told!! 😀

Comment by Green Of Eye

lovely to meet you too Annie. Soonsies!

Comment by thenationallottie

Giant hello! 🙂 I’m so sorry I missed out, I love a bit of rap! But I was getting texts about how lovely everyone was! Next time I promise to dose up on berocca so i’m in the whole of my health! and yay for blogger meets! 🙂

Comment by raptureponies

@ Greenofeye – If I’d anymore booze, I would have fallen over. But it would have been nice not to be the only messy drunk hehe 😆

@ Lottie – deffosies! (that doesn’t really work does it?)
Oh noes… I just remembered when you saw me poke myself in the face by accident. Christ.

@RapturePonies – Seriously, hope you feel better soon. I want to see the wellies in person 😀

Comment by Annie

I just saw a comment from Andrew but it disappeared…. did I delete it? Weeeird. Sorry Andrew – don’t know what happened there 😦

Comment by Annie

Yeah i did comment. it was so profound that the man who runs the Internet decided it would be best to take it away from you guys, as you’re just not ready for that kind of thing yet

Comment by Andrew

Ah boo, maybe I’ll be ready to read it when I grow up. Someday. Maybe.

Comment by anneelicious

A better title than “Untitled”? I don’t think so. Damn you miss, you stole the one good idea I had! 😛

Comment by Darragh

I am SO old it’s taken me 3 days to comment here…

Lovely to meet Ms Annie – will probably bump in to you getting coffee in the…. well ya know 😉

Comment by Rick O'Shea

[…] The […]

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