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September 30, 2008, 2:27 pm
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I decided to tidy my room the other day (it doesn’t happen often).  Then whilst tidying it, I decided to go all out and completely rearrange the furniture. My bed now rests against the window so that when I look up I can gaze out at the night sky which is so very rosemantic.

Whilst I was moving the furniture, I came across an old bus ticket which I immediately proceeded to throw into the bin. Fortunately, I was struck by the memory of something I meant to post about a long time ago….

A few months back, myself and the boyfriend (let’s call him J for the purposes of this post) were out in town having dinner followed by a few drinks in the Porterhouse. I was a bit tired and cranky and not giving him the easiest time of it. We waited at the bus stop in the rain and chit-chatted to an elderly man about the miserable weather and lack of summer and all the usual things you chat to strangers about. J had moved aside to let him sit down out of said rain, only a minor gesture, but he seemed to really appreciate it.  A bus pulled up and it turned out he was getting on it too. We went the the front of the bus upstairs and the man sat a few seats behind.

Me and J started chatting about our day and, fueled by a few drinks, got into a minor debate about some trivial matter that is long gone from my memory. Me, being me, got into a huff and moved to the seat beside us so I could sulk properly.  I got a great sulk going for a good two minutes before looking back at my other half and feeling like an evil cow. I had just moved back in beside him when the elderly man from earlier came up to me and said ‘you dropped this’. I thanked him before I even looked at what it was – a bus ticket. Feeling puzzled, as I used a bus pass to get on, I was about to throw the ticket in my bag and forget about it when something stopped me. I turned the ticket over and on the back was written – ‘Don’t be mad at him, he’s a good man and loves you’.

We were stunned into silence and genuinely touched by this man’s intervention. It’s not something I would normally recommend as many people would probably be annoyed by strangers or even friends commenting on their relationships. But I think in this case, it was the surprise that someone who had only seen us together for 20 minutes could make such a nice judgement of us.

But maybe I’m just a sentimental old fool 🙂

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that has got to be the nicest gesture ever how sweet!

Comment by tcup

Ah that’s so sweet. A little weird – but sweet all the same.

I now have this vision that this old man only exists to help young lovers resolve their differences so they don’t end up loosing each other as he did his young love once upon a time many years ago.

I am gonna go cry somewhere now.

Comment by Lottie

Awww my heart just melted and slid down onto the floor.That was such a sweet thing for him to do 🙂

Comment by Green Of Eye

Hehe some of my friends thought it was a little odd too but it really really wasn’t. He was just a lovely sweet old chap 🙂

Comment by anneelicious

Wow, thats, that’s quite cool. Horray for old people.

Comment by Anthony

Aww! See now, that’s the kind of stuff the internet needs to hear more of 🙂 That badge is well deserved 😉

Comment by Darragh

written on the other side of the ticket it said – “but if it doesn’t work out …. 0861281923211 🙂 ”

Ok sorry , thats possibly the nicest thing iv heard today! Like how the smallest things just can drag you back to a time and place.

Comment by Ben

Is it weird that I want to know his story?

Was he going home to the love of his life? Is he alone? Did he lose a lovely lady through huffs and strops?

Which bus stop was it…I need answers!

Comment by slyscribe

Ah that’s super sweet what a lovely man! Such a warm fuzzy little story! 🙂

Comment by Kitty Cat

That’s so lovely!

So so lovely! 🙂

Comment by raptureponies

I’m with Slyscribe – I need answers!

Comment by Rick O'Shea

Thanks for the comments everyone ❤

I’d love to know his story too. Unfortunately when were talking at the bus stop it was just general banter about the weather and such.

By the time I’d copped to read the ticket, he had gone. I couldn’t stop thinking about him for ages, I’d love to find out his story too. I keep wondering what made him reach out to us like that….

Comment by anneelicious

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