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October 1, 2008, 10:07 am
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I got into work a little early today (thank you Dublin Bus) so I had a quick browse round the goodness that is Ebay and discovered these:


I don’t think my heart has longed for anything in so long. It’s not like I could even remotely fit in to them (despite their amazing adjustability)  – it’s just that they would bring back so many happy childhood memories of my own pair (sadly not of this world anymore). I must have snotted myself a billion times wearing them but they were just so unbelievably fun.  Rollerblades were never as cool.

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I want.I want.I want.I want.I want.I want.

Wanna go halfsies on ’em? 😀

Comment by Green Of Eye

OOOh, I used to have a pair just like these and LOVED them. I remember thinking how scary roller blades seemed after the study stability of these lads.

Comment by Nathalie

Ha. Blast from the past alright.

Comment by Anthony

My pair were in dark blue. I coasted up and down the road in our estate with the skill of, erm, an awkward ten year old on a set of plastic wheels. And yes, I snotted myself many times too.

Fun indeed!

I’d love to see how you and Mar go halfsies – would you wear one each on the inside or outside legs, or one of you have them weekdays and the other weekends?

Comment by Darragh

I never had a pair. 😦 I did have a pogo stick though!

Comment by Lottie

Hehe @Darragh-i could wear one my my left foot and Anneelicious can wear the other on her right foot.And then somehow we’d attempt to balance/scate.Add copious amounts of alcohol and you have instant youtube stars 😛
Snotting it indeed!

Comment by Green Of Eye

Just read that-Apologies for the lack of grammer and spelling today.My brain is switched off!

Comment by Green Of Eye

@ Green of Eye – that sounds like the best Saturday ever – let’s do it 😀

@ Nathalie – Rollerblades were lethal – I got a hairline fracture in my arm TWICE from those. You’d think I would have learned my lesson!

@ Anthony – I’m in retro mood these days 😀

@ Darragh – glad to see I wasn’t the only one falling (as long as you didn’t injure yourself!)

@ Lottie – Now that’s cool, pogo sticks are deadly! I definitely would have broken my face though…

Comment by anneelicious

@Annie – Deadly is right – I fell off it and smacked my back against the mantelpiece- nearly broke my coccyx.

Comment by thenationallottie

I performed a funeral in a pair of these.

Comment by raptureponies

@ Lottie – oh my God, I just felt that. Ouch.

@ Orpees – You put the ‘fun’ in funeral. Badumtish 😀

Comment by Annie

@lottie, I never had a pair either, over protective mother wouldn’t allow them, plus we lived out the sticks with n’er a bit of decent flat cement/tarmac to be seen.

Had a Lolo Ball thing…. and never got off the damn thing… even brushed my teeth while using it.
Toothbrush up the noes does in fact cause nose bleeds

Comment by elfinamsterdam

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