Damn marketing
October 13, 2008, 11:45 am
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I resisted for so long….

Ever since the iPod came out, I refused to give in. First I got an iRiver. Then when I dropped that for the 67th time and smooshed the screen, I went for a Creative Zen. It was functional but so not as pretty as the iPod. And kind of clunky actually. But I kept hearing stories about each of my friends iPods breaking constantly and for no apparent reason.

But finally, years down the line and I have succumbed to the cool marketing and sleek design and I WANT ONE. Dammit. I’m so far behind, I’m not even on the bandwagon, I’m following it’s tracks.

The one thing holding me back (besides being ridiculously broke) is the lack of an FM radio. Yes it might hold a gazillion songs and videos for me to choose from, but radio is a big deal for me. From my brief searches on the interweb, I see you can buy various attachments to get radio which is a plus, but I’ll have to see about it all.

Why did they have to make it so pretty?! So pretty…..

iPod touch

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I got one last week. It’s soooo slick. The wifi is gives you so many functions. Go for it!

Comment by My Top Five

I’m so seriously tempted. I may have to sell an organ or two (I’m very much overspent at the mo, silly me) but maybe someone will be very nice to me this Christmas hopefully!

Comment by anneelicious

I would literally break this in 30 seconds.

Comment by raptureponies

So would I Orpees but what a beautiful experience those 30 seconds would be. Expensively beautiful.

Comment by Annie

Yaaaaay your back!Ooooh pretty shiny technology gadget thingy….I’m still using my ipod(4 years old and counting) and praying that it doesn’t break any times soon.Maybe santa will drop you on at xmas?!

Comment by Green Of Eye

I wanted one for ages but they are very finikety – I love my banded and scratched Sony MP3 player – it has loads of memory and just does it’s job. Simple. I would be so lost without it.

I-Pods are purty all the same.

Comment by Lottie

Ooooh, I fell in love with iPhones a few weeks ago when I got to play with someone else’s, and have been drooling about them since then. It’s the expense, isn’t it? Grr nasty lack of funds…

Comment by MJ

@Greenofeye – Thank you m’dear! That’s really good – 4 years without breakage? I like the sound of that!

@Lottie – I do know what you mean, they are very finickety but I think my shallow side kind of likes that….

@MJ – I held my first real one a few weeks ago and that’s what suckered me in too. Although, I don’t think I’d go for the iPhone just because I love the camera on my own phone. I’m totally lusting after the iPod touch though.

Comment by anneelicious

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