What word do you break when you say it?
October 28, 2008, 11:47 am
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I was rather quiet over the bank holiday weekend both of terms of blogging and in real life.  My liver had a nice break for once, with only a few teeny-tiny ickle sessions of drinking. It may live to see 30 if I keep this up. 

I did a lot of reflective thinking on life, going through old photos with friends and pondering what will we all be like in 10 or 20 years time. I haven’t changed much at all in the last ten years. My hair is a little shorter, my body a little rounder but mentally, I’m probably still as immature and unprepared as ever. I’m still shy and insecure and grumpy and then giddy and restless and easily tickled. 

All I can say is, if in ten years time, I can still laugh at things like this, I will be a very happy lady:

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Was hungover on Friday alright. Soundcheck was badass though. I’ve been thinking about the whole mature thing too (kinda prompted by Darren’s post) but (speaking generally) your sense of humour should always be the base of your character. That way you’ll look at things in a positive way. Or that could be a load of crap.

Almost died laughing at this in Vienna:

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