November 4, 2008, 9:46 pm
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I has neglected my blogging duties these past few days. Silly billy me.

I’ve been busy watching things across the pond and gazing out windows being ponderful and reflective and making up words like ponderful….


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I was doing the exact same this minute! (and past few weeks). I just don’t feel compelled to keep returning to the blog.

My latest excuse reason for disappearing: a bum ticker. I’m on a lot of pain killers right now which make me too weak to do anything and kinda drunk in the head area. Keep doing what you’re doing. With you, Orpees and Rick, there’s no need for me.

Comment by Pedro Monscooch

Pedro! I’m so sorry to hear that – hope you’re ok dude? Please, please, please keep blogging though, you’re honestly one of my favourite blogs EVAR. Seriously.

Comment by anneelicious

Pedro, you know i’ve said this before, but that’s supreme nonsense, get your bum out, or at least in blog-gear! 🙂

Comment by raptureponies

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