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November 24, 2008, 2:08 pm
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I think it must be the grey heavy sky weighing down on me because today I feel exhausted. And I can’t really moan to anyone about it because everyone at work thinks because I look 12, I must have the proportional energy of said 12 year old. Not true unfortunately, hence the moan ends up here.

I didn’t have a particularily taxing weekend, I don’t think. On Friday, we went to Capitol Bar for cheap champagne cocktails – a fiver before midnight – and whiskey sours, also five euro. I was ordering two drinks at a time until 12 and then the night becomes slightly blurry…

On Saturday I recuperated in bed until about 3pm. I then vaguely attempted to leave the house for a walk but was easily tempted back to bed. By 7pm I was rested enough to go down to a friends for a delicious session of wine and westie with MacDonalds. Class-Ay. We watched Rita and Sue and Bob too which lead to many drunken renditions of this song by Black Lace. Even classier.

On Sunday, I ventured down to Dundrum to attempt some Christmas shopping. Bad idea. I don’t get road-rage, I get shopping-centre-rage. People stopping for no apparent reason in front of you so you walk right up their behind, screaming children, mad women belting you with their gigantic shopping bags as they turn to shout at screaming children – I could go on but my face is turning an unpleasant shade of red at the memories.

To calm me down, the fella took me for dinner in the Counter in Dundrum, a gourmet burger where you build your own burger. My burger was quite a tasty affairs with jalepenos, a lettuce blend, sauteed mushrooms and garlic mayonnaise. To be honest though, I think I’d prefer an Eddie Rockets, simply for the price value – there’s a big diff.

We followed this up with a visit to see Zach and Miri make a Porno. I did laugh, a lot, but not quite as hard as I’d hoped to. Maybe it was the tiredness? I’ll have to give it another go when it’s out on divid.

Finished up the night by watching Survivor on the Beeb. It’s a new drama series about the survivors (d’uh) in a world where most people have been killed off by some unknown disease. It’s a bit predictable and has some slightly dodgy special effects but I’m definitely hooked. Nice timing for me, seeing as America’s Next Top Model is over and Lost isn’t back ’til January. It’s on again on Tuesday night, yippee.

I live for TV….. is that sad?

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“I live for TV….. is that sad?”


Comment by ade

you should have stayed in Friday watched the IT crowd, then cocktails Saturday till sunday morning, then straight to dundrum in clothes from the night before. THe drink would have got you through it.

Comment by PaddyInEngland

Annie, you are not alone.

Btw, don’t miss the second ep of Survivors tonight.

Comment by Darren

What, America’s Next Top Model is over? Dammit.

Comment by NaRocRoc

@Darren – I missed it! But I have it on DVR for the weekend, yay.

@ NaRocRoc – Yip, I have a massive ANTM void in my life to fill. It sucks.

Comment by anneelicious

No more Tyramail til next time so!

Comment by NaRocRoc

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