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November 26, 2008, 7:23 pm
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When a zoo in Japan tried to get two polar bears to mate but failed,  they became slightly puzzled.  They’d  tried all the usual tricks; smelly candles, dim lighting, Al Green crooning in the background; but nothing could ignite the flame of romance.  

After scratching their heads for awhile, they decided to investigate the problem further by observing the male bear’s behaviour. He blatantly didn’t fancy the young wan, and she in turn returned the disinterest. When they saw the male peeing like his female counterpart, the confusion deepened. Was this imitation a form of flattery? “It’s really odd,”  the zookeeper remarked.

After a bit more head scratching, the penny finally dropped and they pinched some hair from the young stud for DNA analysis. Shockingly, the tests revealed that he was in fact: a she.  Dun, dun, duuun!

To save any further embarrassment, they snapped on the rubber gloves and went in for a feel to confirm their scientific findings. Indeed, they found the bear to be missing a penis, a vital element in being male. “It was female.”

Now that the bear’s true gender is known, the zookeepers are considering exchanging her for a boy, but her massive popularity with visitors may save her from an uncertain future. “‘Tsuyoshi came here when she was a cub and people just love her.”  


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The phrase “hung like a bear” is obviously not the compliment people take it to be, then.

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