The ‘R’ Word
December 2, 2008, 12:25 pm
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The ‘R’ word pops up at least 617 times a day doesn’t it?  Well, maybe that’s a teensy bit much, but it feels like it sometimes, honest to God.

As a result, I almost can’t bring myself to say the fecking word. It’s practically lost all meaning at this point.

But, for the purpose of these post, I must do a Harry Potter and dare to say it’s name – ree-ces-shun. Recession. RECESSION!

Phew, ok the hard part’s over now. Breathe, Annie, breathe.

It’s obviously affecting most people in varying degrees, some more than others. And as everyone knows, Mr S. Claus is coming to town in three weeks. He’ll be expecting the usual seasons greetings, and he won’t be wanting any Tesco Value biccies. No, it’s M&S cookies all the way for him. Sure, he has a busy night doncha know.

And of course, not forgetting, it’s a certain someone’s birthday on the same day. While we don’t give presents to the birthday boy, we do give them to everyone else on his behalf. Handy really – I mean, what do you give to someone on their 2008th birthday?

I for one, decided to get some of this present malarkey out of the way at the weekend. I took to Grafton Street with vigour, gladly doing my bit for the Irish economy. The street itself was full of people, as one would expect, and when I saw Dave McSavage at the top of the street, roaring questions at random passers-by, I felt the familiar glow of Christmas-a-comin’. But, on closer inspection, most of the punters were free of shopping bags, and there was quite a suspicious lack of queues. I took a stroll across the Liffey and it seemed to be the same story over there. It’s great for me and my claustrophobic hatred of queuing and packed stores but not so good for Mr and Mrs Shop-Owner obviously. 


Christmas + recession = fun times (Sarcastic maths is the best)