That hurt.
December 15, 2008, 12:32 pm
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I had a fight with a paper bag yesterday. Unfortunately, it won.

As if Christmas queues aren’t pleasant enough, I managed to slice my finger open at counter number 6 in Boots. I was laden down with impersonal 3-for-2 gift sets and trying miserably to root out my purse while balancing my hefty shopping bags on one any available body space I had free. Finally, down in the bottomless pit of my handbag, I wrapped my weary fingers around my purse and pulled. As the purse came free , my finger made contact with the sharp edge of a stray shopping bag. I heard the slice before I felt it. Expecting a minor paper cut I looked down at my hand to see a stream of blood pooling down my finger and on to the shop floor. I felt my legs begin to wobble.

Errr, would you have any plasters there please – I besieged the sales assistant.

Panic-stricken sales assistant (in Boots remember, the place where they sell things of medicinal value, including funnily enough, plasters) – Crap, no, I only have tissues here! Really sorry!

– Well, if it’s not too much trouble, could you pass me those tissues and I’ll wipe up the blood on the floor if you wouldn’t mind running out on to the floor and grabbing me a box of plasters and I’ll pay for them of course.

– Ohhhhhhh. Ok.

Christmas shopping should come with a health warning.

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That’s unbelievable, and a little funny – “I’ll pay for them” ha!

Comment by The Sexy Pedestrian

I think he was just stupefied by the amount of blood, it was pretty gory. I went back in later for something else and there was still a little stain on the floor – ewwwwwwwwww.

Comment by anneelicious


I read that as “I looked down at my hand to see a stream of blood pooling down and my finger on the shop floor.”

OMG! The shock.

poor Annie.

Pat pat!

Comment by thenationallottie

Jaysus Lottie, that would be some shock!

Nope finger is still attached thanks and well on the mend. I’m just a big wuss that’s all.

Comment by anneelicious

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