December 31, 2008, 2:59 pm
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What a nice Christmas.

I’ve now got a ten pound food baby which I heartily enjoyed conceiving and a few lovely pressies (appreciated muchly). I’ve been lazing about the house in a constant glow of Christmas cheer and booze whilst my new Ugg-like slippers keep my feet toasty warm.

And one of the best surprises this Christmas?


As usual I’m five years behind everyone else, but seriously, better late than never. Much better.

As a result blogging has been light of late and may continue in this fashion as I catch up with The Wire. See you in four seasons.

Happy New Year!

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The Wire ROCKS. It’s so addictive though, I gorged on one Season after another and felt alone and empty afterwards. 🙂

Comment by Ruby

Food baby, I hear you. It is nice blogging in pyjamas though, despite the fact they are the only outfit I have that fits.

Happy New Year!

Comment by The Sexy Pedestrian

Happy New Year! Kiss your free time goodbye, The Wire has ya.

Comment by Anthony McG

The Wire, huh? I will have to check it out! Thanks!

Comment by Michael H.

Happy New Year to you too. Looking forward to a new blog-filled year.

Comment by Clare

I think a lot of people are just starting to watch it on DVD now. I finished it a few months back and it’s probably one of the best TV shows ever made.

Comment by Lottie

Merry 2009. May it rock. May it roll.

Comment by NaRocRoc

How far did you get with it?

Comment by Darren

I finished season three on Saturday. Meant to go get season 4 and 5 on Sunday but I was sick. It’s driving me mad, I need more. More!

Comment by anneelicious

I also got seasons 1-5. Is it wrong that I think Jimmy McN is a fiiine thing?

Comment by Ailbhe

No Ailbhe, not wrong at all. Very, very right in fact. He’s a roide.

Comment by annie

Dammit.I loved it so much that i had a lil strop for myself when i realised that there was only 5 seasons.Tis the tv equivilent of crack i tells ya! 🙂

Comment by Green Of Eye

May it rock. May it roll?, i love it

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