La Toya Jackson
January 5, 2009, 10:07 pm
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Do you reckon Michael’s gone into Celebrity Big Brother in disguise? I’ve just watched some there and I’m 90% convinced.

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I think u might just be right…

Comment by JL Pagano

I feel sorry for MJ and his siblings. They must have all gone to the same crappy plastic surgeon… 😀

Comment by Brad

Jaysus, state of that. And she was a good looking bird back in the day, it’s sad.

Comment by Kitty Cat

Im convinced that a any moment she will whip off her lipstick and reveal herself as Jacko.

(Im quite surprised how sweet and down to earth she is. Has anyone else heard her horrible story about her forced marriage?)

Comment by Lottie

Nah – I don’t think so. She hasn’t been eyeing up Verne at all.

Comment by Darren

Argh! Argh! Argh!

Comment by Lyndsay

Oh that’s horrible!! 😦 Either they all have the same plastic surgeon or there really is a skin condition that does that to people and they all suffer from it! Gross…..

Comment by Shivers

Google her Playboy Cover picture, she looks exactly like Michael but with very large balloons. She had a darker skin tone then as did Michael.

Comment by PaddyInEngland

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