January 5, 2009, 12:44 pm
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I’m a bit sick today. Yesterday I was a lot sick. Vicious tummy bug sick. Lying in bed in a dark dark room, wet flannel plastered across my face, trying miserably to keep down a concoction of motilium, solpadiene and valium  sick.  Not pretty. 

But anyways, today I’m feeling a wee bit better albeit without any form of energy whatsoever. Banging start to 2009, ey. And I just realised today that I’ve missed my One Year Blogoversary. Yup, my ickle blog is a whole year old  When I started this blog back on the 2nd January ’08, I hadn’t a huge amount of faith in it to be honest. I had started blogs before and lost interest fairly rapidly. But gradually, a few kind souls left some inspiring comments, and I finally caught the bug. The blogging bug that is, not the vicious tummy bug I mentioned earlier. 

To belatedly celebrate this momentous occasion , may I indulge in posting one of my favourite videos of 2008.

I give you – Ninja Cat.

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Happy belated blogoversary. While catching up on all that I missed over the last few months I’ve really noticed you’re getting way better at this blogging malarkey. There were some posts I was jealous not to have come up with myself.

Comment by Pedro Monscooch

Really?! Wow, cheers Pedro! I can pretty much say the same for all your posts though.

Comment by anneelicious

Happy blogiversary!! Get well soon too. Seems like everyone is down with something at the moment.

Comment by Anthony

Cheers Anthony, feeling much better today than I did yesterday so hopefully I’m on the mend. And I’m starting Season 4 of the Wire tonight hopefully which cheers me up nicely!

Comment by anneelicious

Hey happy blogoversary! And hope you feel better soon 🙂

Comment by whoopsadaisy

Thanks a mill Daisy 😀

Comment by anneelicious

Congrats on making it to one year. I reckon it’s like starting your own buisness- the first year is the hardest.
Enjoy your blog – always random gems to be found. 🙂

Comment by Clare

Thanks muchly Clare 🙂

Comment by anneelicious

Oooh! Happy Blogiversary to you… I know what you mean about it being down to the comments to get you addicted. So thank you for yours to 🙂

Comment by MJ

Happy Blogoversary! And the first time I saw that ninja cat vid, I kind of had nightmares… Reminds me of my cousin’s cat who got into my room one night (through a closed door like…wtf) and I woke up to find it standing on my chest, staring down at me and purring like a motorbike. I was so scared I locked the door and pushed my bed up against it so it couldn’t get in again.

And I love cats.

Comment by Lyndsay

Hahaha Lyndsay, that’s crazy! No wonder you were freaked!

Cats are cool, I like how they’ve got their own independence. They can take you or leave you in, whatevs stylee.

Comment by annie

Ive caught the blog bug this month too, im putting it down to boredom in work and im stealing Anthonys mates, like Bowser stole Princess.

Comment by PaddyInEngland

Happy belated Blogoversary, as a present I’ve given you a Blog Award nomination in Pop Culture. Hope you win!

Comment by The Sexy Pedestrian

Thanks Sexy!! Wowsers, I’m chuffed to bits, seriously!

P.S. I nommed you for best fashion blog last week 😀

Comment by Annie

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