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January 6, 2009, 4:56 pm
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I texted the Da a few minutes ago to arrange a lift home. Yes I know, I’m a lazy biatch but I’m learning to drive and he’s enjoying teaching me. Or so he says. I think he’s just glad to be rid of giving me lifts, the lazy biatch that I am. 

Anyways, back-story aside, I’ve just gotten a text from him telling me ‘six o’clock would be cool‘.


I have never, ever, heard that word mentioned in my Dad’s vocabulary and I’m not sure if he’s taking the piss out of me.

I probably deserve it.

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Next he’ll be telling you to ‘take a chill pill’. 🙂

Comment by Anthony

I’d probably deserve that too!

Comment by anneelicious

My daughter just turned fourteen and I dread the day she tells me I’m not (cool? hip? trendy? insert your own colloquialism here!!!) enough to use a particular word…

Comment by JL Pagano

My dad asked me what the story was once, it was very surreal. Im commenting all over you blog because funnily enough im waiting for a lift!

Comment by PaddyInEngland

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