How to pick up chicks
January 15, 2009, 2:15 pm
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Two of my favourite restaraunts in Dublin are Wagamama and Yamamori. Both require the use of chopsticks which the majority of customers can use. Except me. Everytime I visit, I have to smile politely and ask for cutlery whilst pretending I have no shame.

Deep down, I’d love to be able to use them, but whenever I try I end up making a giant mess everywhere, (so not pretty), or I get too hungry and end up begging for a fork. It’s their fault really for making the food so delish.

But now, finally, all my chopsticks problems have been solved –

I give you –

Japanese Chopsticks Practice Game !

Here’s how you play: dump all the chicks into the little bowl. Then take turns picking them out. The smaller the chick, the harder they are to pick up, and the more points you get.

Now I can practice at home, without making a mess, without the distraction of yummy Japenese food, aaand have fun, all at the same time! Amazing!

Excuse me while I go fish out my VISA.

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I get panicky around wooden chopsticks… shudder.

Comment by raptureponies

Do what I do; take the chopsticks, hold them tightly and confidently in your hands, then fling your face down into the food and eat it without the use of hands even.

*do not do this

Comment by B'

You just put your index finger on top of the top tick and your thumb on the left side of the uper stick approaching the middle and then place the mid top of your middle finger under the second stick and then lightly squeeze your fingers together and slide your thumb up the middle of the first stick and put your lips together and blow.


Comment by thenationallottie

I always start with the chopsticks in Yamamori, but my fingers get tired (bless)and I end up asking for a fork and a knife, because by then I’ve got about two minutes left before my food is too cold to eat.

And I’m about to out myself here by saying that I have heard of Wagamama, but I thought it was a clothes shop.

Comment by Tinman18

I cannot use them at all. We lived above Wagamama in Sydney and it used to drive the other half bananas. Then we went to Japan, best place ever, they all assume you can’t use them so you never need to ask for the fork!

Comment by Voodoolady

I’ve tried to master chopsticks so many times it’s actually hilarious! A friend actually gave me these chopsticks with training wheels from Marks & Spencers for Christmas. They’re plastic and red…you should pick up a set. Would definitely not use them in Yamamori! The embarrassment!

Comment by Julie

snap! jeez, i know HOW to use the old chopsticks.. it’s just that i, er, can’t..
i always use the excuse that i can stuff far more into my gob using a knife & fork!!

Comment by glitterkitty

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