If You Seek Amy
January 19, 2009, 4:32 pm
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I’ve just seen on that Miss Britney Spears is to re-record the lyrics of her new song If you seek Amy because apparently, the track title and chorus line is rather norty.

“If you seek Amy”…

“If… you…. seek…. Amy…”


Say it quicker.



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Took me ages to cop that one when I saw it!

Comment by Kitty Cat

I don’t get it 😐

Comment by Lindsay

I don’t get it it either.

Comment by raptureponies

Me neither. Clearly my mind isn’t dirty enough. I’m disappointed in myself.

Comment by Voodoolady

Hah, good to know I wasn’t the only one!

iF yoU SEE K aMee (I have no idea how to spell it out really……)

Comment by anneelicious

Americans are weird.

Okay, I am about to make a disclosure. Please don’t judge me or send me to the spam bucket. But I have her new album and “iF yoU SEE K a Mee” is totally out of place on it.

Comment by thenationallottie

It took me ages too! And when I finally got it, I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long ‘cos if I’d actually listened to the lyrics properly, it was so obvious… *sigh*

Comment by Lyndsay

I still don’t get it…

Me am fail.

Comment by Gav

Ok I had to say that out loud to get it 🙂 Lol

Comment by whoopsadaisy

F.U.C.K. Me.

I only just got it now. Saw it this morning. Not a breeze…..

Comment by Rick O'Shea

Aha. Took me a while. And only when Rick spelled it out did I fully have the eureka moment. In a duncey kinda way!

Comment by NaRocRoc


IF U SEEK AMY is basically her singing about her self.


(the caps are the ones im meant to address you)

iF yoU C(seeK)aMEE F.U.C.K ME basically.

Comment by ryan

But Ryan, what if it’s basically a song wherein Britney is advising people on where to find this Amy person?

I think to make sure people don’t get the wrong idea about this song being about F.U.C.K.I.N.G. she should rectify this by renaming it “If you seek in Amy in my arse, you’re looking in wrong place” or something to that effect.

Comment by Pedro Monscooch

Took a Fox news correspondent in outrage to explain it to me…

Comment by raptureponies

Yes but pedro, the song was going to be banned, and she has to do a clean version of it. 🙂

Comment by ryan

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