March 23, 2009, 12:54 pm
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I’m returning to blogging by thieving someone else’s post:

“I’m alone because you’re more alone in an unhappy relationship than you really ever are without a relationship at all.”

It’s a post very worthwhile thieving though, by a Huffington post writer on why she’s still single after her husband died ten years ago. I’m admirable of her strength, independence, and laid back attitude. And she’s funneh to boot.

PS. Thanks all for the well wishes below; I luff you!

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Thieving aside – you have returned.

This makes me happy.

Comment by Lottie

I’m alone for many reasons too. But mainly ‘cos I don’t wanna settle for anyone just so I won’t be alone. If I can’t be with someone I truly want, then I rather be alone. Besides as sad as it may sound, you do get used to being alone after a while.

Comment by mriq

Please hang in there — there are people who miss you

Comment by Davis

Good to have you back missy 🙂

Comment by Green Of Eye

that <<>> was meant to be an internet hug btw! 😛

Comment by Green Of Eye

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