That Ratan Tata sounds like such a lovely fellow…
March 24, 2009, 2:25 pm
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Says the charming Mr Tata on the long waiting list for his new £1,300 Nana car:

”You wouldn’t want to make someone wait to long for his car since a car is like a pretty woman. If you wait too long she will become old and perhaps fat.”

I was going to say ‘God love his wife’ but then I thought, sure the poor chap mightn’t have one. And so off to the ever trustworthy Wikipedia I go to see if there is a lucky Mrs Tata.

From Wikipedia:

Personal life

Mr Ratan Tata has a metalic blue Maserati.[4] He sometimes likes to fly his private jet himself.[5]

So I guess he really does compare cars to wimmins. Sure we’re only accessories after all. Expensive accessories obviously but accessories all the same. Pfffffffft.

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He obviously doesn’t believe that good things are worth the wait.

Comment by mriq

Can I get her in midnight blue please?

Comment by Anthony McG

With a personality like his, I am so surprised he only has a car for company.

Comment by Irish Mammy

Ratan Tata, is that a name or a sound?

Comment by The Sexy Pedestrian

He is too handsome to be single…what a waste of a perfectly good man!:P

Comment by geeta

That comment was made in jest.He is a perfect gentleman and would never mean any disrespect to women.

Comment by geeta

You made my day! Congrats!! For a 25 year old with a blog deep as a puddle (your words!) very wittily observed, very delicious indeed!! The poor chap certainly got it very wrong here. Let’s forgive him, he surely is more into cars than into wimmin.

Comment by claire

@ Geeta,
Interestingly or sadly enough, there are a lot of women, who don’t bat an eyelid when being „jokingly“ compared to cars, men’s toys/accessoires or just being referred to as old and fat.

Comment by Claire

I come from his country and know a lot more about him than most others.And I recognise a joke for just that.

Comment by geeta

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