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April 15, 2009, 9:44 am
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The post title is nowt to do with twitter, but a treat of the rather more edible and delicious kind.

I give you – The Chocomatic Chocolate Clock:



This delightfully pink apparatus pops out a chocolate treat, on the hour, every hour. Nyom.

But you’ve got to be quick though; if you haven’t nabbed the sweet in 30 seconds (AND WHY WOULDN’T YOU??) it’ll take it back in for the next hour. And it would serve you right.  However, luckily enough, there is a cheat button though to get an instant treat, just in case you were busy when the chocolate came out. As if.

What more could you need on this dark December day in April?

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Hurrah, you’re back! 🙂 Brightens up this day, that’s for sure!

My whole thing though is does it keep the treats fresh?

Comment by Darragh

Hmmmm good point…..

I doubt I’d leave them in there long enough to find out 🙂

Comment by Annie

I can see this being smashed on the floor within 3 hours and I devour it’s contents frustratedly.

Comment by Lottie


So it’s like a cuckoo clock only you eat the cuckoo. Nice.

Comment by Kitty Cat

I want a clock that dispenses hot lesbians on the hour, and friction burn cream.

Comment by Maxi Cane

Ah now, the cheat button is just… well, cheating. 😦

Comment by TheChrisD


Sorry, I’ve meme’d you.

This is what you get for coming and making nice comments on my blog..

Comment by Tinman18

I disagree with the cheat button.

If you’re not sitting, waiting, salivating….


Comment by Rick O'Shea


Comment by Lyndsay

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