May 17, 2009, 4:38 pm
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zachary quinto



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You’re the first woman I know who thinks Sylar’s hot. 😮

Comment by mriq

God, I know loads of women who find him sexy!

Comment by annie

He made spock sexy.YUM.

Comment by Voodoolady

I’m very much with you Annie!

Comment by raptureponies

I don’t know what it is. I would nver have thought he was sexy two months ago.

He has lovely eyes too.

Comment by thenationallottie

Oi, Lottie, keep it in your pants…

Comment by Darren

Mmm Zachary Quinto in my pants….

Okay, it just got weird.

Comment by thenationallottie

Lottie: it’s probably cos up til two months ago, he was just the enemy in Heroes, and comic book enemies generally aren’t attractive as a rule.
Now that he’s got himself into movies, the more flattering images are picked, better makeup jobs, etc.

Just a guess… probably completely off.

Comment by B

Zachary seems to have a lot of character and also seems very versatile in his roles. I would have to say he is sexy because he comes off and genuine and slightly nerdy, which is amazing~!

Comment by B

I see your Zachary Quinto and raise you Zachary Quinto holding a puppy!

Comment by sayheykate

ej ku jeton se po du me te qi ej

Comment by andi

Sexy, that,s not a real man!
He’s a little neardy!

Comment by Admin

Comment by Douwe

You don’t know what a real man is!!!

Comment byAdminFebruary 23, 2010 @6:50pm

He,s Pretty!

Comment by Admin

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