This makes me ridiculously happy
June 9, 2009, 11:05 am
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MGMT covering Talking Head’s This Must be the Place back in ’03.


The fact that they covered this song makes me love MGMT so much more. Even after their new bizarre video for Kids.

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MGMT are nuttier than a Squirrels skid marks. Cool though.

Comment by Colonel Popcorn

Are you ever coming back to us Annie?😦

Comment by Lottie

Dear Annie

Please blog again.

Lots of love


Comment by Darragh

I miss you and your bloggy ways.Have you given up the ghost?😦

Comment by Green Of Eye

I must have been ridiculously happy, I was Laughing/giggling for like ten minutes straight ..I couldn’t stop. It was good,just a real good time. I think i haven’t been this in awhile. It’s good

Comment by harmin normal

oh. .what a nice post

I never seen it before .

Comment by reibert

yes, blog again please

Comment by maquinas para helado suave

I really love MGMT
Even after their bizarre clips..

Comment by Douwe


Comment by Douwe

MGMT covering Talking Head’s, yes nice Douwe.

mail my!

Comment by Marmaris

Comment by Douwe

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