Tweet Treat
April 15, 2009, 9:44 am
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The post title is nowt to do with twitter, but a treat of the rather more edible and delicious kind.

I give you – The Chocomatic Chocolate Clock:



This delightfully pink apparatus pops out a chocolate treat, on the hour, every hour. Nyom.

But you’ve got to be quick though; if you haven’t nabbed the sweet in 30 seconds (AND WHY WOULDN’T YOU??) it’ll take it back in for the next hour. And it would serve you right.  However, luckily enough, there is a cheat button though to get an instant treat, just in case you were busy when the chocolate came out. As if.

What more could you need on this dark December day in April?

Scorpions = Yummy?
February 17, 2009, 2:26 pm
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This is slightly horrifying. But watch it anyway:

Dear Richard Branson…
February 2, 2009, 1:24 pm
Filed under: food, funny, links | Tags: , , (one of my new favouritestestest blogs) has a great post about a letter written by a rather annoyed, yet witty, customer about a meal he had the misfortune to eat on a Virgin flight from Mumbai to Heathrow.

It’s pure brilliant .

Another reason why snow rules:
February 2, 2009, 11:30 am
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My Weight Watchers class is cancelled. Get in.

I was a bad, baaaad girl this weekend.

How to pick up chicks
January 15, 2009, 2:15 pm
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Two of my favourite restaraunts in Dublin are Wagamama and Yamamori. Both require the use of chopsticks which the majority of customers can use. Except me. Everytime I visit, I have to smile politely and ask for cutlery whilst pretending I have no shame.

Deep down, I’d love to be able to use them, but whenever I try I end up making a giant mess everywhere, (so not pretty), or I get too hungry and end up begging for a fork. It’s their fault really for making the food so delish.

But now, finally, all my chopsticks problems have been solved –

I give you –

Japanese Chopsticks Practice Game !

Here’s how you play: dump all the chicks into the little bowl. Then take turns picking them out. The smaller the chick, the harder they are to pick up, and the more points you get.

Now I can practice at home, without making a mess, without the distraction of yummy Japenese food, aaand have fun, all at the same time! Amazing!

Excuse me while I go fish out my VISA.

Attack of the blob
January 15, 2009, 1:51 pm
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I dare not turn this into a diet blog. Not only will it bore anyone reading, it will depress the holy bejeebus out of me. Who needs a record of my miserable lack of willpower and my unending need for doritos lathered with hommous and Red Bull Cola. Oh God, I’m drooling already. 

Anyways…  I joined the dreaded WW on Monday. As in Weight Watchers. Sigh.   New year, new start, blah blah blah. It’s on near work at lunchtime which is rather handy but means that my stomach growled handsomely the entire way through the meeting. This in turn set off the stomachs of anyone within five feet of me, giving me a contagious fit of the giggles and making me miss the whole POINT of the meeting entirely. 

The really horrible part of the class is, of course,  the weigh in. I hadn’t weighed myself in a good three months, instead preferring to go by clothes sizes – the logic being:  if they’re not bet on to me, I must be doing ok. Unfortunately this mightn’t have been the best idea as I got a rather unpleasant shock on the scales. Kate Moss I am not but… that weight? Really? Sheeeeeeet.  The perky instructer didn’t seem too put out though as she gleefully wrote down my weight on a card and sent me on my merry way, bottom lip wobbling precariously.

Next week we have to attend the meeting wearing the same clothes to keep an accurate measure of our weight. I wish I’d known that before I went last week, wearing 10 layers (they’re fashionable, ya know) and winter boots. I won’t make the same mistake next time though – I’m going nekkid. She’ll never notice, right?

Sore head.
December 21, 2008, 2:34 pm
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How great would it be if you could get fry-ups delivered to your door? Seriously,  how great.



Things to look forward to…
August 6, 2008, 4:00 pm
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So that’s it for  Boozy Bank Holidays until October. Bugger.

But all is not lost. There a few things left this ‘summer’ to look forward to which I will list here to cheer myself up. Indeed.

The Festival of World Cultures in Dun Laoighaire from August 22nd to the 24th. This festival has been a summer fave of mine since it began . The atmosphere is so chilled, laid back and friendly; families and revellers will enjoy it equally. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Lisa Hannigan in the Kingston Hotel on Sunday 24th – fo’ free!

LoveBox Dublin in Marlay Park, Dublin.  Ok, the line-up is faaaaaar from amazing but I love the venue and seeing N*E*R*D for shwifty quid, ain’t too shabby. Methinks anyways.

Cois Fharraige in Kilkee, Co. Clare. I went down last September, saw one band, slept in a car with four others, and still had one of the best nights of the year. Amazing fun in such a great location.

Jimmy Carr in D’Olympia from the 11th to 14th September. I’m going one of these dates – can’t remember which though as a friend booked it (I’m hoping she’ll remind me closer to the date). It’s not that I love Jimmy Carr so much – sometimes I find his relentless one-liners slightly annoying – it’s more that my friend pretty much wets her knickers laughing at him. Always fun to watch! Ha ha.

SeptemberFest 2008 in Farmleigh, Phoenix Park. For those, like myself, who can’t afford to go to Ocktoberfest (being that it’s all the way in Deutschland) but would still like to experience a festival with beer, music and a bit of history, then SeptemberFest is a lovely Irish alternative. It’s on Saturday and Sunday, the 13th and 14th of November. I’m kidding – it’s September of course. Baddumtish.

– The Loose (Republic of) at the Surf ‘n’ Music Festival in Bundoran, Co. Donegal on the 20th September. I’m slightly put off by the ‘n’ in the festival’s name – I keep wanting to say Turf –  but Mick Pyro will make it all worth it and what a great location.

On that note, here’s why I love Mick and the gang:

This was me today
January 14, 2008, 6:27 pm
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headless chicken

Sorry for the horrible image.

Speaking of chicken, that’s what I had for dinner in l’Gueuleton on Saturday night. Chargrilled cornfed chicken to be specific. Myself and 5 others went there for a meal on the recommendation of one of the couples. Whilst it was lovely… I wasn’t blown away. Especially considering at 6pm, there was a queue of about 50 people waiting outside. Having been forewarned, we left our names in and went to the Market Bar to soak up the atmosphere while we waited. I love the Market Bar. It’s such a great pub for having a good ould natter in.

We got seated in the restaurant about 9. My God that place is French. I couldn’t even see my meal but I had the yummiest white wine to drink. It’s name escapes me now though. I tried one of my friends oysters and I have to say, it was delish especially considering it was my first oyster EVAR. My chicken was tasty indeed, but not quite as exciting as others had said.

To be fair, the prices are extremely reasonable and the atmosphere is great. I would definitely recommend it, but maybe during the week when you wouldn’t have to queue for so long.