Tweet Treat
April 15, 2009, 9:44 am
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The post title is nowt to do with twitter, but a treat of the rather more edible and delicious kind.

I give you – The Chocomatic Chocolate Clock:



This delightfully pink apparatus pops out a chocolate treat, on the hour, every hour. Nyom.

But you’ve got to be quick though; if you haven’t nabbed the sweet in 30 seconds (AND WHY WOULDN’T YOU??) it’ll take it back in for the next hour. And it would serve you right.  However, luckily enough, there is a cheat button though to get an instant treat, just in case you were busy when the chocolate came out. As if.

What more could you need on this dark December day in April?

How to pick up chicks
January 15, 2009, 2:15 pm
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Two of my favourite restaraunts in Dublin are Wagamama and Yamamori. Both require the use of chopsticks which the majority of customers can use. Except me. Everytime I visit, I have to smile politely and ask for cutlery whilst pretending I have no shame.

Deep down, I’d love to be able to use them, but whenever I try I end up making a giant mess everywhere, (so not pretty), or I get too hungry and end up begging for a fork. It’s their fault really for making the food so delish.

But now, finally, all my chopsticks problems have been solved –

I give you –

Japanese Chopsticks Practice Game !

Here’s how you play: dump all the chicks into the little bowl. Then take turns picking them out. The smaller the chick, the harder they are to pick up, and the more points you get.

Now I can practice at home, without making a mess, without the distraction of yummy Japenese food, aaand have fun, all at the same time! Amazing!

Excuse me while I go fish out my VISA.

If I were 12 again…
December 17, 2008, 11:09 am
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I would want this lamp.

Ok, I still want this lamp. Embarrassingly so.


It’s stupidly dear though at $120, so you’d want to be a rich 12 year old to purchase, or, more realistically, have extra generous parents.

Found via the ever wonderful Design Milk.

must. resist.
December 11, 2008, 11:46 am
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Why oh why are there so many pretty things out there that I know would be perfect as Christmas presents for other people, but I just want them for myself?!

Take this lili lite

It works as a bookshelf, a bookmark aaaaand a lamp. All at the same friggin’ time. Class-a-mundo.  

How it works:
A sensor turns off the light when an open book is placed on the shelf. When the book is picked up again,
the light automatically turns on. Lili Lite also has a switch to turn the light on and off manually.

P.S. The name Lili Light makes me giggle for unknown reasons. 

This makes me want an iPhone…
December 8, 2008, 3:03 pm
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… I have the dog part down.

“iPhone-enabled dogcam and treat dispenser”.

Some clever dude has rigged up his iPhone with a webcam so he can check in on his doggy pal at home. Even better, he’s set up a treat dispenser for the dog, and all he has to do is press a button on the phone to release the treat!

What a smart cookie.

How nifty are these?
November 12, 2008, 1:17 pm
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Japenese pill towels. You get ten pills in a handy berocca sized tube and each pill transforms into a 11″ x 9″ towel when you hold it under water. So handy!

I wonder do they do bigger versions, like maybe one giant pill than transforms into a beach towel… or am I just thinking too far ahead….

Damn marketing
October 13, 2008, 11:45 am
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I resisted for so long….

Ever since the iPod came out, I refused to give in. First I got an iRiver. Then when I dropped that for the 67th time and smooshed the screen, I went for a Creative Zen. It was functional but so not as pretty as the iPod. And kind of clunky actually. But I kept hearing stories about each of my friends iPods breaking constantly and for no apparent reason.

But finally, years down the line and I have succumbed to the cool marketing and sleek design and I WANT ONE. Dammit. I’m so far behind, I’m not even on the bandwagon, I’m following it’s tracks.

The one thing holding me back (besides being ridiculously broke) is the lack of an FM radio. Yes it might hold a gazillion songs and videos for me to choose from, but radio is a big deal for me. From my brief searches on the interweb, I see you can buy various attachments to get radio which is a plus, but I’ll have to see about it all.

Why did they have to make it so pretty?! So pretty…..

iPod touch