Diets are no funsies
November 11, 2008, 11:41 am
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I lost a good bit of weight last spring. Motivated by my fun salsa lessons, I began to actually take care of myself. And eat properly like.

Take-aways were a big no no, especially Chinese and chips. It was a painful separation but my hips and thighs thanked me for it. The compliments I received were quite nice, although, on my more negative days, made me feel like I was a monster beforehand. ‘A fine girl’. Charming.

So when the end of my salsa lessons arrived in July, I was probably nearly two stone lighter than I had been the year before. I was excira and delira and celebrated by piling it all back on as promptly as I could manage. The fact that I swapped the salsa lessons for learning to drive only compounded matters. It meant I finally had an excuse for not walking; I needed the practice of course! Walking’s for losers anyways. Look at all those miserable people at the bus stops, eyeing their watches and mobile phones, wishing the bloody rain would stop because it’s so windy the fecking umbrella won’t stay up.

I digress.

Apparently, if you don’t have any saliva in your mouth, you can’t taste food. Drying your tongue with a paper towel might be a good suggestion but not one for doing in public, I would reckon.

Hmmmmm. Maybe if food was as cute as this, I could resist…..

ETA – This was my 200th post and I didn’t know it. Jaysus, I wish I’d made it a bit more fun now. Bugger.