Fake babies
January 3, 2008, 10:36 am
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Shouldn’t children have dolls and women real babies? Not the case according to last nights television….

Channel 4 broadcast ‘My Fake Baby’ last night at the same time that TV3 aired ‘Britain’s Youngest Mums’. The latter was a programme about two sisters aged 15 and 16 having their first children in an already fairly overcrowded house (mostly populated by dogs). The youngest of the pair, Lizzie, was very much unprepared for the child and didn’t seem to care as she puffed away on her malboro lights. Her older sister however, was extremely eager for the upcoming birth and in fact had become pregnant on purpose after she had found out that her younger sister had gotten pregnant first. Nice.

My Fake Baby was a documentary about middle aged women who collect ‘reborns’. These are extremely realistic dolls of newborn babies and are seriously seriously weird – they look…. dead…. Ick.

I spent last night flicking between the two programmes, wishing to God I had Sky Plus so I could watch each in full. Both demanded full attention although I have to admit, I had to turn off the Fake Babies programme several times because I was feeling quite disturbed. Especially at the elder lady who was trying to replace her grandson after his mother had moved sticks to America (I wonder why…..)
Scary scary lady.

Ya gotta love car crash tv.