September 24, 2008, 10:21 am
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Is it just me or do the shots above look like promotional stills from The Dark Knight?

They’re actually photos of the new* Joker action figure – creepily realistic methinks.

More pics anseo.


*I say new but it’s out a few weeks I think.

What the internet doesn’t need…
August 12, 2008, 11:33 am
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… is yet another post about The Dark Knight. But it’s going to get one anyways.

I finally went to see it last night after many failed attempts. Technically, I did see the first half an hour in Tralee, but had to leave due to illness (read hangover).

I liked it. A lot. BUT – I didn’t love it. Well maybe a little, but nothing compared to how much I thought I would, or perhaps should. It reminded me of how much I hate reading too much about films beforehand as they almost never live up to the hype. Especially in this case when I continously read that it actually does live up to expectations.

Whilst the film does boast some amazing shots (The Joker tasting the breeze with his head out the window of a careening cop car being one), and some very talented acting from most of the cast; I think I was expecting it to be perfect, which of course, it wasn’t (what films are?). In my humblest of opinions, I think the films main flaw was its slightly jumbled plot. It was scene after scene filled with relentless action so that to me, the final climatic scenes, weren’t climatic at all. I thought Rachel Dawes character was let down greatly by Maggie Gyllenhall an actress I normally adore. Or more likely, Maggie Gyllenhall was let down by Rachel Dawes who seemed to me to be not much more than a plot device. Not to say that Katie Holmes was amazing either, but I didn’t feel any chemistry between Maggie or her leading males.

Now, after saying all that, I did enjoy it and I’m probably only being so critical because of the constant ‘it’s the best movie EVAR’ comments I’ve heard from friends. It is one of the best films I’ve seen this year and I’m probably rendering this slightly negative review pointless but I just had to share.

P.S. Heath Ledger’s performance is simply amazing and most definitely not over-hyped.