Addicted to Weeds
May 13, 2009, 11:32 am
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Weeds has quickly become one of my all time favourite tv programmes. I’d actually rate it somewhere up there with BuffyLost, and even America’s Next Top Model. But don’t let that put you off – I also like ‘cool’ shows like The Wire and Band of Brothers and ….. ok so that’s about all the cool shows I like but trust me on this: Weeds is a very, very, decent programme.

It stars Mary Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin, a widowed mother of two living in the leafy suburbs of Agresso. Left alone to raise Silas and Shane, she turns to pot dealing to keep up with the never-ending bills. This in turn leads to many off-the-wall crises where the pretty suburban mom has to use her charms and wit to get out of some seriously sticky situations. The show has a dark, dark sense of humour dealing with issues such as cancer, drug addiction, drug dealing (!), torture, the crazy-ass US military – and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head – but it deals with them with such great wit and timing that you can’t help laughing along. And then realising you are soooo going to hell.

The actors are supremely funny, especially Mary Louise Parker who I have to admit to having the biggest lady-crush on ever. She has a perfect sense of comic timing, and is utterly believable in her various acts of despair, anger and lust. Oh the lust!

The episodes are short and easy to digest at roughly 25 minutes long. The seasons are relatively short also with about 12 to 13 episodes in each. I’ve just finished re-watching season 4 and was delighted to read that season 5 is airing on the 8th of June after an extremely interesting cliff-hanger.

If you haven’t watched any of Weeds before, I’d highly recommend it (can’t you tell!) and it’s quite easy to pick up on, even if you don’t know the back stories. It’s worth watching for Mary Louise Parker alone – I dare you not to fall in love with her.

Roll on season 5! 

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November 25, 2008, 12:56 pm
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I was watching Friends last night (is it never not on? even now? 4 years later?) when I became insanely aware of the laughter track.

Monica wants to tidy something – cue laughter!

Joey doesn’t get the joke – more laughter!  

Chandler says ‘could you BEEEEEEE any more stupid?’  – people wet their knickers!




Fake babies
January 3, 2008, 10:36 am
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Shouldn’t children have dolls and women real babies? Not the case according to last nights television….

Channel 4 broadcast ‘My Fake Baby’ last night at the same time that TV3 aired ‘Britain’s Youngest Mums’. The latter was a programme about two sisters aged 15 and 16 having their first children in an already fairly overcrowded house (mostly populated by dogs). The youngest of the pair, Lizzie, was very much unprepared for the child and didn’t seem to care as she puffed away on her malboro lights. Her older sister however, was extremely eager for the upcoming birth and in fact had become pregnant on purpose after she had found out that her younger sister had gotten pregnant first. Nice.

My Fake Baby was a documentary about middle aged women who collect ‘reborns’. These are extremely realistic dolls of newborn babies and are seriously seriously weird – they look…. dead…. Ick.

I spent last night flicking between the two programmes, wishing to God I had Sky Plus so I could watch each in full. Both demanded full attention although I have to admit, I had to turn off the Fake Babies programme several times because I was feeling quite disturbed. Especially at the elder lady who was trying to replace her grandson after his mother had moved sticks to America (I wonder why…..)
Scary scary lady.

Ya gotta love car crash tv.