Scorpions = Yummy?
February 17, 2009, 2:26 pm
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This is slightly horrifying. But watch it anyway:


I never thought of that when I was a nipper
August 18, 2008, 5:19 pm
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I’ve far out-reached my youtube quota for the week (and it’s only Monday) but I’ve just been emailed this video:

All I can say is thank God it ended well – eek!

Fainting Goats
August 12, 2008, 3:00 pm
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Bless their little cotton goat socks.

just because
May 23, 2008, 1:23 pm
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I luffs it:

Things I found on the interweb today:
May 14, 2008, 3:01 pm
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Rihanna sings with Maroon Five in pure pop heaven (hell?)

Dustin de Turkey Unplugged

Also on WeTV, Liam interviews the man I will marry someday – Dermot O’Leary. *cough*stalker*cough*

Hand solo!

McLovin has a coke habit, and you should pay for it:
“Piracy PSA” with Christopher Mintz-Plasse on

And finally:
Kitty Wars! (I’m a leeeetle obsessed with cute kittens on this blog…)

Why does this video upset me?
April 23, 2008, 3:28 pm
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This must be the place
April 2, 2008, 4:06 pm
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Thanks to Lars and the Real Girl I’ve rediscovered this classic:

Oh the film isn’t bad either! I probably would have loved it only I watched it the same day I finally saw Once for the first time and fell head over heels in love with it, and everything else just seems mundane in comparison.