Christian Bale is a very angry man…
February 3, 2009, 7:23 pm
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He’s kinda scary actually. 

Perez Hilton has the audio of Christian Bale having a serious freak out at the Director of Photography on the set of Terminator Salvation. He is seriously, seriously unprofessional.

Bruce Franklin, the film’s assistant director,  has defended Bale according to the Daily Mail, but I don’t buy it. You just don’t speak to people like that.

Not. impressed. one. bit.

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Read the transcript.


Comment by raptureponies

Yup I’ve heard it but it took 2 attempts for me to listen to it fully. Man what an arse, i understand that he’s an actor and it can be intense. But c’maaaaaaan give the DP some respect. Not the first times it’s happened apparently.

Comment by Green Of Eye

I still would.
I’ve been a smitten kitten since the prestige.

Comment by Voodoolady

Anthony – that remix is amazing! hahahah brilliant. Going on the mp3 pronto.

I used to be such a smitten kitten but I’ve lost all respect for him now.

Comment by anneelicious

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