Ugly Uggs?
January 2, 2008, 7:45 pm
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I know I’m about ten zillion years behind everyone on this but I just can’t decide if I want a pair of Uggs. On one hand they look soooo cosy with a nice pair of skinny jeans tucked in to them but on the other hand –  when on earth will I ever fit into a pair of skinny jeans….

My friend told me I should go for Canterbury’s ’cause apparently they’re good quality but cheaper and “only the tourists buy Uggs.”  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be making a trip to New Zealand anytime soon but I did find this site who deliver to Ireland. They’re not Canterburys but the pair that I have my eye on are 108 squids and that’s including shipping which ain’t too shabby…..


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personally i’ve never liked the ugg look, i just wouldn’t want anything that bulky on my feet, but hey, if you would really enjoy them, I say go for it.

Comment by Dixie

My feet were freeeeeezing on the way into work today, so I think that might have sold them to me!

Comment by anneelicious

Much to my shame, I bought a pair of Ugg-a-likes in New Look yesterday.

I can totally justify it though – I’m headin to NYC tomorrow where it’ll be seriously brass monkeys, and the only flat shoes I previously owned were ballet flats which would be a wee bit freezy. Also I’ll probably never wear them In Real Life at home so there was no way I was going to shell out for the real deal!

Comment by Lynnie

Well now I can totally forgive that Lynnie, seeing as you’re not wearing them In Real Life.

That’s my quandry, I don’t know could I face wearing them in public. I’d probably only wear them as slippers which is the biggest waste of money ever. Unless I bought them in Dunnes for a tenner.

Enjoy New Yawk you lucky thing!

Comment by anneelicious

Thing about Uggs though is that I think they’d get a bit hurty after a while if you were doing a lot of walking in them. The soles on some of them look really thin. It kind of would be like walking around in slippers. Though the ones in your picture don’t look too bad…Hmmm….

Comment by becs

i am going to buy a pair of uggs tomorrow!
i tryed a pair of uggs (from my mother) some times and i love them!!!
so wish me luck (arround here in belgium they are much money)
i know in NY you can buy them for 75$
arround here its 350€

Comment by marie

i just bought a pair of tall chestnut uggs for $170, and they are VERY comfortable. there is no possible way that they can hurt your feet, unless they are too small. but i LOVE them, and a little tip, make sure you buy some ugg cleaner, and if u spill anything on them, just take a wet towel with some dish soap(i didn’t use the soap) and LIGHTLY SCRUB, do not rub, and let them air-dry.

Comment by mary

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