Weekend shenanigans
June 4, 2008, 11:41 am
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It may be Wednesday but I’m still going to blog about the weekend because for me, it kind of only ended yesterday.

On Friday, I turned the grand old age of vingt-cinq and went to Tralee with the gang to drown my sorrows celebrate. We spent the first night in watching divids, playing poker and generally making fools of ourselves. I suck at poker by the way (except when I’m sober, then I’m a right ould card shark).

On Saturday night, we went to Foot Club (AKA Fabric). It was good craic despite the fact that the place literally smells like an old sock. After Foot Club, we went back to the apartment and played poker with some random students who climbed in our window thinking they were going into someone elses apartment. In their defence, we sort of invited them in. They had asked us where was ‘Jay’ and seeing as our mate Jason was there, we told them to come in. It turns out they were looking for apartment block J but it was a worthwhile mistake – we made €8 out of the suckers. Mwhahahaha.

On Sunday morning/afternoon, I woke up looking like I’d been punched repeatedly in my right eye.

Blood. Shot. and. very. VERY. sore.

I literally couldn’t look into any light – my eye flashed with pain everytime it had to adjust. For the next two days I sat on the couch, under my sleeping blanket with my hoody on and sunnies, sipping wine and west coast cooler whilst my friends took turns keeping me company in the darkness. It must have been 30 degrees outside, but my eye made me feel bloody miserable. The copius amounts of drink and America’s Next Top Model did help ease the pain though.

On my return back to Dublin on Monday night, I went straight to the Eye and Ear where a doctor kindly informed me that I have an eye infection and can’t wear contacts for two weeks. Whilst being relieved that a piece of my contact lens wasn’t stuck in my eye or some other horror story, I was a leetle worried as I have no glasses (I am a vain vain cow). I had to go get a prescription for specs yesterday and fork out a ridiculous amount of money that I am too ashamed to put in writing.

Finally last night, sitting less than one foot away from the telly, I watched the finale of Lost with my right eye closed. It was amazing, if not totally nonsensical, but I can’t wait to watch it again in proper, both eyes open, vision.

[this may be the longest post I’ve ever written … a mighty achievement when your nose is two inches away from the computer screen!]

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A ridiculous amount of money for eyesight? Several billion euro?

Lost’s finale is at least twice as amazing when you have full eyesight.

Comment by B'dum B'dum

Nah, a ridiculous amount of money on glasses. There were cheaper ones but as I said, I’m a vain cow, and the only ones that I thought vaguely suited me were a fortune (for broke lil me anyways).

Comment by anneelicious

If I needed glasses I’d spend a fortune on a pair that only I’d like. Fortunately I’ve 21:20 vision.

Does Superman wear contacts or does he have a superpower of varying eyesight quality so he can wear big thick lensed glasses when he’s Clarke Kent?

Comment by B'dum B'dum

Sounds like super fun! apart from the eye bit obviously. And a very happy birthday. 🙂

I googled you and think i spelled it slightly wrongly and came up with this:

Comment by raptureponies

Orpeeeeeees yay, good to see you! Thanks for the birthday wishes 😀

That website is random hehe, she’s pretty though!

Comment by anneelicious

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