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January 15, 2009, 1:51 pm
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I dare not turn this into a diet blog. Not only will it bore anyone reading, it will depress the holy bejeebus out of me. Who needs a record of my miserable lack of willpower and my unending need for doritos lathered with hommous and Red Bull Cola. Oh God, I’m drooling already. 

Anyways…  I joined the dreaded WW on Monday. As in Weight Watchers. Sigh.   New year, new start, blah blah blah. It’s on near work at lunchtime which is rather handy but means that my stomach growled handsomely the entire way through the meeting. This in turn set off the stomachs of anyone within five feet of me, giving me a contagious fit of the giggles and making me miss the whole POINT of the meeting entirely. 

The really horrible part of the class is, of course,  the weigh in. I hadn’t weighed myself in a good three months, instead preferring to go by clothes sizes – the logic being:  if they’re not bet on to me, I must be doing ok. Unfortunately this mightn’t have been the best idea as I got a rather unpleasant shock on the scales. Kate Moss I am not but… that weight? Really? Sheeeeeeet.  The perky instructer didn’t seem too put out though as she gleefully wrote down my weight on a card and sent me on my merry way, bottom lip wobbling precariously.

Next week we have to attend the meeting wearing the same clothes to keep an accurate measure of our weight. I wish I’d known that before I went last week, wearing 10 layers (they’re fashionable, ya know) and winter boots. I won’t make the same mistake next time though – I’m going nekkid. She’ll never notice, right?

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I hear ya sista’. WW is flippin’ expensive too, just to be told to cut down on pasta to avoid ‘plateau’.
I like the ‘No Point Soup’ though, if you have that all day, you can use all your points for wine!

Comment by The Sexy Pedestrian

For a relatively cheap work out method, you should try Wii Fit out. It’s great motivation and keeps track on your progress. I found out that an ideal Body Mass Index is 22. Before my heart problems I ended up with a BMI of 22.01… which was nice.

Comment by Pedro Monscooch

BMI of 18.5 a year ago

so might’ve gone up to 18.6

Don’t worry about the red bull cola, no one seems to buy it, will be gone off the market soon enough

Comment by B'

Sexy – it’s kinda crazy money isn’t it. I’m hoping the mortification of being weighed in front of strangers every week plus the bloody cost of the thing should keep me on track. Gonna make up a batch of the no-points soup this weekend!

Pedro – I’m actually quite tempted to get one. I’m doing a fair bit on my stepper thingy but it’d be really nice to vary it up. My BMI (when I weigh myself nekkid, kinda cheating) is 24.5 *just* in the safe zone.

B’dum – true that, it’s not that popular is it. Even I don’t buy it that much, do to price alone.

Comment by Annie


Do try not to get pulled in by it. It sounds silly but in my opinion and experience if you just moderate what you do eat and keep up with regular exercise and be happy doing this you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

WW is a lifestyle and what tends to happen as you might know is it is hard to keep it up , what diet isnt!

All im saying is don’t get swept up in it all. I’m sure you’re looking lovely etc and Happy new year


Comment by Ben

I know it works for some people but I am very anti- WW. It’s the whole ‘group’ thing and the weigh ins….eugh.

Good luck though 🙂

Comment by Voodoolady

Cheers guys, appreciate the well wishes.

Honest to God, I was always very against WW. I didn’t like the whole idea of counting up every-single-mouthful-you-eat. And I’m still like that really. I’m not really going by the points system as such, just trying to eat more healthy like I did last year and as I said, trying to use to mortification and cost to spur me on. Ah sure, I’ll give it a lash anyways.

Comment by anneelicious

Best of luck with it Annie, I’m sure you don’t have much to lose so you should be on target soon. WW has worked really well for some of my friends so if you stick to it, it does work 🙂

Comment by whoopsadaisy

I have no will power. NONE! And I’d burst into tears if I had to be weighed in front of everyone.

Comment by Lyndsay

Annie Annie Annie. What are you at? You are a tinchy tot and you’re lovely just as you are. Don’t change a thing.

Comment by thenationallottie

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