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May 29, 2008, 10:18 am
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you lose

Now this may be one of the most trivial things I will ever blog about (as if!) but it’s really been annoying me the past few days.

I’ve been looking into weightloss the last while, seeing as it’s definitely time to kick those spare pounds I’ve been saving up over the winter. Found lots of faddy diets that I would never go near.

But this is not the annoying thing.

It’s the fact that nearly every second person who writes about it can’t spell ‘lose’. It’s not “loose”, it’s “lose”! LOSE!

I’m wondering how many people pronounce “Republic of Loose” as the “Republic of Looze” as a result. That would make for an interesting gig: “LOSE! LOSE! LOSE! LOSE!”


Silly rant over. (I’m not an angry person, I pwomise.)

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See also: new O2 campaign with the tagline “Never loose your contacts again”

It made my sis so irked she emailed them! Two of their marketing guys emailed back apologising and offering her a proofreading job. The typo has since been corrected 😉

Comment by Catherine

THANK YOU!! God that sort of stuff drives me mad too!

Comment by Darragh

Catherine – that is brilliant. I kind of wished I’d seen the ad, but it probably would have pushed me over the edge hehe.

Darragh – yay, let’s be angry over grammar and spelling together!

Comment by anneelicious

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